Our copper sinks are hand-made by highly skilled artisans, not pressed by machine. Wooden moulds have to be made for each model and the copper is heated and then beaten over the mould. This requires a fair amount of strength and is very labour intensive. 

The workshop has an incredible number of hammers lined up and the team know their tools like no one else. In their capable hands our sinks are turned out perfectly shaped and subtly hammered, which distinguishes them at first sight from imports that are often crudely hammered. By choosing our sinks you are choosing the best.


Copper Sinks
Copper Kitchen Sink
Copper Freestanding Sink
Classic Copper Sink
Copper Veg Prep Sink
Copper Sink
Copper Sink
Round with Flat Bottom
Copper Waste Basket
Oxidised Copper Sink
round with flat bottom