By choosing a French House outdoor lantern you can be sure that it has been made by highly skilled artisans specialised in their field. We have now spent 12 years working with the second generation of this family business making outdoor lanterns.

Our unique lanterns are made to our designs by a small team headed by master lantern maker Louis who has been at the workshop for 26 years and knows a thing or two about creating templates, cutting metal and soldering to produce a beautiful lantern.

Our verdigris lanterns are made from brass to which a chemical treatment is carefully applied. This gives it the pleasing green hues that it would acquire naturally over many years if untreated brass were left outside.

The Verdigris Collection
Phare Wall Lantern Verdigris
Brass Verdigris
Angers Wall Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Amboise Lantern Verdigris
Brass Verdigris
Ussé Wall Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Fréjus Wall Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Trianon Wall Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Vendôme Wall Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Ussé Hanging Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Fréjus Hanging Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Bidart Lantern
Brass Verdigris
Trouville Wall Lantern, medium
Brass Verdigris