Vide Grenier

Vide Grenier

Vide Grenier meaning empty the attic, is the French form of a car boot sale. Over the past 10 years these events have grown in importance and often include antique dealers. Recently we have noticed a vast increase of retired couples among the vendors, who travel in their camper vans full of stock from village to village, a good way to supplement their income and have a bit of fun.

We always look out for the battered posters stuck to trees to tell us where these markets take place each Sunday. The vide grenier has also become a natural extension to the village fete, a bit of commerce before the feast held on long trestle tables, entertainment often provided by a travelling funfair.

There is always a chance to unearth a treasure. Make sure that you look under the tables as well as on on them; we found a great bowl last week hidden away almost as though the vendor had no wish to sell.

Altogether a fun way to enjoy a Sunday morning before returning to a long lunch, and a dip in the pool, weather permitting.


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