Market Day in Périgueux

Market Day in Périgueux

In 1958 Henry Miller wrote "France may one day exist no more, but the Dordogne will live on just as dreams live on and nourish the soul of men"

The Dordogne dream lives on through markets like the one on Saturdays in Périgueux. Spread over several squares clustered around the Cathedral Saint Front, the town echoes to the market banter as people search for the best produce. We loved the Cul-Noir (black-arsed pig) stand in front of the cathedral. You will have to be patient to buy as there is always a queue. Just adjacent to the pork stall is Stephan, the honeyman. His bees produce luscious honey, which is organic as can be.

The crowd snakes through the narrow connecting streets (which just happen to be full of renaissance buildings). Join the throng and you will find yourself in another square. Here there are many small producers, selling their ducks, chickens, vegtables, and cheese. It is an array of goodness waiting to be sampled.

This market sums up what is great about France. The producers, the produce, the stylish city folk, cafés full with people enjoying the sun and the occasion. I've just joined them.


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