Steel Pans

Steel Pans

As part of our effort to bring you the best pans for all your cooking we have sourced the best carbon steel frying pans. You may not be familiar with this material as old-fashioned, untreated iron pans have mostly been supplanted by all kinds of modern alternatives that are easier to care for, but don't produce the same results. Professionals still opt for this type of pan because it offers accurate temperature control and does wonders for the flavour of food.

After initial seasoning and with a little regular care, they will last forever. Try cooking a steak in one of these, and you will agree that a pan needs a certain amount of sticking to cause flavourful browning. Deglaze the pan with wine and create a delicious sauce in no time. These traditional French pans have been made by a company in the Lorraine region since 1830. We have chosen their premium range made from 3.5mm thick carbon steel, which makes them a perfect choice for induction hobs. Here is what French chef Jean-Michel Turin from the Michelin starred Chateau de Vauchoux has to say:

"Gastronomy is demanding. Besides the cook's magic touch and the ingredients used, the choice of utensils is vital. That's why I find myself constantly using the de Buyer steel frying pans for all my seared, grilled or browned foods. Thanks to these pans and nothing but these pans, meat gets a golden searing on each side while staying tender in the middle. Potatoes are browned and caramelized to perfection; poultry pieces take on a marvellous colour."


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