Venetian  Biedermeier

Venetian Biedermeier

Like a lot of people during lockdown, I slowly became more and more interested in auction sites. Slowly I became aware that my interest, was now bordering on obsession.The object that caused this realisation was a Viennese Biedermeier chest, very pretty it must be said. The auction house was in Bologna nearly 1000k from where I live, and I was serious about buying it! I justified the purchase by reasoning that Bologna is a wonderful city with wonderful food. Moreover we had not been anywhere in ages. Suddenly though this pretty chest was no longer 450 Euros but more like 1450 Euros. Later I was sitting having lunch in Arles, when the auctioneer's phone call came, did I want to commit? I decided no.

At that point I made the decision to channel my urge to buy the world online, into this blog. That way every trip has a reason, and you never know, I might just find a Viennese Biedermeier chest


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