Traditional French Chestnut Yule Log

Traditional French Chestnut Yule Log

In France a Bûche de Noël is the traditional Christmas dessert of choice. There are endless versions, as either cake or ice cream, and most people order them from their favourite patisserie, leaving the experts to get the best results.

Here’s an easy version to make at home.


100g, butter, 400g sweetened, vanilla-flavoured chestnut purée Crème de marrons available in tubes), 75g meringue pieces, 50ml dark rhum, 70g dark chocolate, 50g crème fraiche.


Cream the butter add the chestnut purée. Lin a loaf tin with aluminium foil and pour in a layer of the chestnut crème mix, sprinkle over some meringue pieces, a splash of rhum and repeat the layers finishing with the chestnut crème. Tap the tin a few time to ensure the mixture has settled without air bubbles. Refrigerate for 12 hours.

The next day, unmould the log. Prepare the glaze by gently melting the chocolate with the crème fraiche until it thickens slightly. Let it cool and smooth it onto the log with a palette knife. Draw a fork through lengthways to make it look like a wooden log.


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