Apéro Time II- Radish Butter

Apéro Time II- Radish Butter

Here's a simple, but delicious way of using the lovely French Breakfast Radishes and their fresh leaves. (In fact I never let the leaves go to waste; they are also excellent wilted down like spinach in a little olive oil, onion and sun-dried tomatoes and mixed into pasta.)

I use this radish butter to spread on toast at apéritif time, but it's also great on oven-roasted baby potatoes. It will keep in the firidge for a few days.


100g salted butter

5-6 French breakfast radishes (the delicately pink and white oblong ones)

5-6 radish leaves


Wash the radish leaves thoroughly as they can be quite gritty and pat dry. Mix all ingredients in a food processor (small bowl). You can use more radishes and leaves acording to taste.



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