About the French House

The French House searches for goods made by artisans and small family firms, who make products of enduring value and real beauty. The level of craftsmanship, care and attention these artisans give to their work is in danger of being regarded as a luxury in our rushed and mechanized world. Limited, small scale production of the kind we seek to foster, will surely be rendered obsolete by market forces, unless we choose to give it the support it deserves.

This may well mean that for certain French House items there will sometimes be delays, not least because our French suppliers like to take a sensible four weeks' summer holiday during which the workshop shuts down altogether. True Francophiles have always appreciated that French priorities in these matters make for an enviable quality of life. The traditional way of working and living is particularly alive in rural parts of France, where we continue to find many of our small artisans.

We welcome you to browse the site and introduce yourself to some of them.