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Clay is one of the oldest materials known to man, and has been used to make cooking pots for millennia. Earthenware is still very popular in France for making dishes such as pot au feu, cassoulet and garbure. Cooks have always appreciated the many qualities of this material, which is flavour-enhancing and prevents foods from drying out. There is no flavour cross-over, so you can use the same pot for sweet or savoury dishes without a problem. It is said that earthenware pots improve with age. All our earthenware dishes can go straight from the oven to the table and are dish-washer proof. Earthenware is not suitable for use on ceramic or induction hobs.


Terracotta Mug

From £8.50

A beautifully simple, glazed terracotta mug


Blue Stripe Terracotta Tableware

From £7.50

Often the simplest designs are the most appealing. These white glazed terracotta plates and bowls sum up the essence of the kind of simple living we love. Think c...


Terracotta Cookware

From £35.00

These chunky farmhouse style terracotta dishes are great for the oven and look good on the table too. 



From £13.50

These versatile stoneware pots for the kitchen come from a pottery in the Cher, the very heart of France. All the pieces have a traditional salt glaze and the two...