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" Carole Guyot's Amande Louis XV is a tableware collection in a ravishing shade of almond green, but it's the shape that really floats my boat." Laurence Llwelyn-Bowen  Daily Express

France has a rich tradition of pottery, particularly in Provence. Towns like Aubagne and Apt all have their traditions. From Carole Guyot's workshop in the Drôme Provençale we have the wonderful Louis XV in an almond colour. Our latest additions are the Epicure range in cream and taupe and the Oval range, both with slightly distressed edges.



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These versatile stoneware pots for the kitchen come from a pottery in the Cher, the very heart of France. All the pieces have a traditional salt glaze and the two...



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The slightly uneven shape of these plates is a clever twist on a simple form. The edges are slightly distressed, which adds to its charm. There are two colours, c...