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Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lights are all inspired by the kind of lamps and lanterns found in every corner of France. Anyone who has spent a holiday in a French farmhouse will instantly recognize the kind of weathered enamelled lamps adorning old stone walls. Classic and simple, they haven't gone out of fashion in a hundred years. For a more elegant and equally traditional look we have included a range of wall-mounted and hanging lanterns in various finishes. All our lights take screw-in E27 fittings. These can be fitted with a clever, very cheap and readily available ES E27 fitting that screws into the standard bulb holder, allowing the use of G9 halogen bulb, which are fully dim-able and require no warm-up time. 

All our outdoor lights are IP44 rated.


Enamelled Wall Lights

From £109.00

This simple enamelled garden light is the kind you find on many old French houses. It is enamelled in black with the underside in white, and is fitted with a glas...


Wall Lanterns

From £135.00

The French House range of outdoor lanterns is inspired by the kind of lamps adorning old houses and manoirs all over France. Each one takes its name fro...


Suspended Lanterns

From £169.00

We have been busy designing a new range of classic hanging lanterns, based on antique lamps. This new range is hand-crafted exclusively for The French House and c...


Wall Bracket

From £79.00

This wall bracket is suitable for use with any of our hanging lanterns. In France one often sees outdoor lanterns fixed to an external wall with a bracket.