Table Linen

All our table linen is made to our designs and only sold at The French House. We change our collections with the seasons, but some of our best-selling lines, such as the checked Alsace Coeurs napkins remain available throughout the year. Our new 1908 range is made from our own fabric designs and available in several colourways in 100% linen.



From £6.00

A new and exclusive range of table linen and accessories, inspired by a French floral pattern from 1908.



From £8.00

We have these lovely heart napkins made especially for The French House. They give warmth and a alpine feel to any home. Made from 100% cotton sourced in the Alsace.



From £7.50

These classic and hard napkins are made from cotton twill. Twill is a traditional textile pattern of diagonal parallel ribs done by passing the weft thread over...